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    Hurry! The new album is in pre-sale!


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    Hurry! The new album is in pre-sale!

    Post by Blacksky on Sat 8 Aug - 20:57

    From the facebook page of the band:

    "BIG NEWS!
    Our new album is called "International Blackjazz Society", and is AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER right now!


    The first people to order will also be awarded for the Cultural Excellence! By going to and entering your Order Confirmation Number, you'll receive a "For Excellence" patch for free to thank you for joining the Blackjazz Movement! (Will post a picture of the patch later.)
    PS: Also available on iTunes, where you'll also get the single "The Last Stand" immediately upon ordering!
    Artwork by Trine + Kim Design Studio"

    Go go go people!

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