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This place is made by people who want to federate around Shining - the band from Norway. We can talk here about the band, propaganda and about road trips too

    Greetings, Blackjazzers


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    Greetings, Blackjazzers

    Post by MistmanX on Sun 16 Aug - 1:50

    Hi all,

    I'm MistmanX, though you can all call me Misty. I'm from England and I'm a music student, about to begin my Master's in Composition. My passion for music has been burning for a long time, and my major interests lie in the Progressive, Avant-Garde and Experimental music of the last century and a half. Think Debussy through Stockhausen, John Cage and Philip Glass through David Bowie, King Crimson through Devin Townsend, Tool, Ihsahn, and, of course, Shining. As a composer, I feel I not only share many influences with Jørgen, but that Shining's work is also a great direct influence on what I write.

    In my Academic work, I have actually done some analysis of Shining's material. For a final essay for my Bachelor's course, I analysed and wrote about the representation of madness in Blackjazz, helped in part by a number of scores that Jørgen himself sent me. The essay, in its current state, should be published on a Music and Disability blog, after which I hope to refine and expand it for submission to a journal.

    I've been a fan of Shining for a few years now, owning all of their albums back to In the Kingdom of Kitsch on CD, plus Blackjazz on vinyl. In addition, I've seen them live twice, and own three t-shirts, one of which was signed by Jørgen. I own three of the Antidenim Shining shirts, which, I have to say, are amazingly comfortable. As a musician, I've pretty much switched over to them as my shirt of choice when performing live. Of course, I've pre-ordered IBS on CD and Vinyl, as well as a t-shirt and both the Neophyte and Excellence patches.

    As far as I'm concerned, Shining are one of, if not the most exciting band today, both when it comes to what they're doing musically and their live shows (though, of course, the two go hand in hand). I'm excitedly awaiting IBS, especially after hearing The Last Stand and beginning to get to grips with the grand concept - and titular movement - behind it. I really believe that the IBS can be more than a marketing campaign for this new album. I believe the Society can achieve a lot of good if we allow it to.

    Anyway, I've blathered on for long enough. I hope to get immersed in this little community being created here.

    For Excellence.

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    Hello Misty

    Post by Blacksky on Sun 16 Aug - 15:29

    Welcome home Misty cheers

    Thank you so much for your presentation. I can see you have much to talk about Shining and I can't wait to read more!
    I wish you the best for your futur into music. As you can see we have a place here where you can talk about your compositions in the haunted tavern, please feel free to let us discover your world!

    You said "I analysed and wrote about the representation of madness in Blackjazz", well can we read it somewhere? If you may have the time to sum up your work on it I wanna know more about your analysis!
    I certainly agree with you about how exiting and inspiring Shining is. Can't wait about hearing more of IBS too. Wich gig of the tour are you going to?

    Again, welcome on board, this home is ours.

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    Re: Greetings, Blackjazzers

    Post by Juular on Mon 17 Aug - 18:01

    Welcome. Nice to see another Brit, Devin Townsend fan, and musician here Smile

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    Re: Greetings, Blackjazzers

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