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This place is made by people who want to federate around Shining - the band from Norway. We can talk here about the band, propaganda and about road trips too

    Alright troops?!



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    Alright troops?!

    Post by CausticHorizons on Tue 18 Aug - 12:20

    Hey, I'm CausticHorizons thought I might as well introduce myself. I'm from Glasgow, currently a graduate intern. I've been listening to Shining for a while now, discovered them when searching for a Shining (Sweden) song. Fair to say I was hooked.

    I'm a big fan of Devin so when they toured together it was HeavyBreathingCat.jpg. Hope to see some of you on their headline tour!

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    Re: Alright troops?!

    Post by Blacksky on Mon 7 Sep - 10:03

    You'll see me as you know it! Glasgow, here I come! bounce

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