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    Refugees crisis


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    Refugees crisis

    Post by Blacksky on Sun 13 Sep - 16:49

    No talks about politics here, but about human behaviour.
    Jørgen Munkeby gets involved and draws a logo for the association "refugees welcome to Norway".
    He also posted a link to an article talking about the crisis and the association.
    Here is his little speach, inviting us to donation or to the creation of our own association:

    "Here's an inspiring story about how a few people can start something big:
    A little over a week ago the group REFUGEES WELCOME TO NORWAY consisted of just a few people in Oslo that had noticed that the refugees coming here did not have their basic needs tended to in a sufficient way by the government, and that the official centers did not have capacity to deal with the needs. The refugees lacked proper food, warm clothes, a decent mat to sleep on, medicines and other simple things, and the group decided to help out by bringing home made food, clothes and other articles down to the refugee center and giving out. I loved their initiative and joined the group.
    During the last week, the group have quickly exploded in numbers, several restaurants have joined the movement (among them Norway's only restaurant with two stars in the Michelin guide) and the media have written several articles about the project. As of today the group now has more than 5'000 members, and is quickly growing. They went from having too few people to do the tasks, to having more people wanting to help than they can organize at the moment.
    I applaud the people who started the project and are now organizing it, Mona Bentzen, Sølvi Hansen, Hilde Hagerup, Bianca Boege and several others. Good job!
    Also, join the group! (If you live outside of Norway, make you own!) They have more than enough helping hands now, more than they can answer. But the refugee crisis is not going to stop anytime soon, so I'm sure there will be need for helping people in the near future. But make sure to follow their instructions, as it needs to be organized. Don't go there on your own.
    I made a logo for them, and offered to help out in any way I can. I dropped by to speak with the refugees and saw a little girl light up when I gave her a teddy bear that I had brought. It was fun, didn't take much, and felt right.

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