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This place is made by people who want to federate around Shining - the band from Norway. We can talk here about the band, propaganda and about road trips too

    Hello I'm Blacksky


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    Hello I'm Blacksky

    Post by Blacksky on Fri 31 Jul - 22:26

    So hi everyone,

    As I ask you to introduce yourself I think I need to begin.

    I'm 32, and music is my life. And beer too. I'm french, and I live in Paris. I met Shining during the Devin Townsend tour and I just get hooked.
    Well I feel a bit like talking alone to myself right now so I'll stop but if you have questions I'd be pleased to answer cheers

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    Re: Hello I'm Blacksky

    Post by Burt on Fri 7 Aug - 16:07

    Hello !

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