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    Discography of the band


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    Discography of the band

    Post by Blacksky on Sun 2 Aug - 11:26


    • Where The Ragged People Go, 2001,

    • Sweet Shangai Devil, 2003

    • In the Kingdom of Kitsh you will be a monster, 2005

    • Grindstone, 2007

    • Blackjazz, 2010

    • Live Blackjazz, 2011

    • One one one, 2013

    As you know Shining exists since 1999. The first albums, from "Where The Ragged People Go" to "In the Kingdom of Kitsh you will be a monster" are a slow drift from Jazz to a progressive metal experience, exploding in "Grindstone". Seriously guys you need to hear this one, it's insanely great.
    The Blackjazz was born in 2010 with the eponymous album of the concept. The album is realeased after a common tour and a collaboration between Jørgen Munkeby and Enslaved, and countains a title exctract from the seventh part of "Armageddon concerto" written by Munkeby, called "Fisheye". It also end with a cover of "21st century Schizoïd man" from Kim Crisson, a piece that the  two bands used to play on stage together to end the gigs.
    "One one one" is the last album of the band realeased in 2013. I'm curious to discuss about this one with you. "The one inside" is my favorite of the album, I can't stop having it in my head!

    We look forward to hear what's next... Blacker, Jazzier than ever! Waiting for october 5th! For excellence.

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