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This place is made by people who want to federate around Shining - the band from Norway. We can talk here about the band, propaganda and about road trips too



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    Post by Blacksky on Tue 15 Sep - 14:47

    Here is one of Shining's support during the tour, I named Caligula's horse. I would say it's an intense progressive metal sound, very energetic on stage, and a clear and deep voice on vocal lead. Nice Music to hear, i'm waiting to see them on stage.
    Here is a little introduction about he band that you can find on their website
    "Named for the prized possession of Rome’s infamous despot, CALIGULA’S HORSE is a progressive alternative rock band from Brisbane, Australia.
    Channelling the raw honesty of rock and the skill of progressive metal into a seamless voice at once energetic, grand and forthright, CALIGULA’S HORSE offers devotees of all strains of powerful and progressive music something unique.
    Formed by Sam Vallen and Jim Grey in early 2011, CALIGULA’S HORSE released their debut album “Moments from Ephemeral City” in April of the same year. “Moments” is a colourful and dynamic foray into modern progressive music, at once vital, eclectic, and memorable. It was followed in 2013 by “The Tide, the Thief & River’s End”, a dark, powerful narrative concept album about isolation, exodus, and the human spirit overcoming insurmountable odds. It received international acclaim in the progressive music sphere, lauded by rock and metal fans alike. The release of “River’s End” saw the group undertake an intense touring regime, including dates with the likes of OPETH, MASTODON, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, PROTEST THE HERO, THE OCEAN, FIREWIND, TWELVE FOOT NINJA, NE OBLIVISCARIS, and hundreds more. But for CALIGULA’S HORSE this is only the beginning. After joining the roster of THE AGENCY GROUP in North America, AMF Publishing in the UK, and signing with the prestigious German record label INSIDE OUT, the band’s sights are firmly set on the rest of the world.
    2015 will see CALIGULA’S HORSE release their third record “Bloom”, their most vivid, and emotional work to date. “Bloom” is the perfect mission statement for an act blurring the line between power and reflection; a musical assertion with depth enough for the most dedicated of prog fans, and with fire enough to bring audiences in venues across the world to fury and their voices to unison."

    You can also find videos on their youtube page!
    Tell me what you think?

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