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This place is made by people who want to federate around Shining - the band from Norway. We can talk here about the band, propaganda and about road trips too

    Read above all participation on the Forum


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    Read above all participation on the Forum

    Post by Blacksky on Sat 1 Aug - 20:32

    This forum is made by ourselves. This is our home. A place where we can talk about SHINING, about Blackjazz, about our experiences with the band. We can meet here and federate to promote a band we like, and we can also meet people to share the things we love.
    We also can regroup to make road trip for those who want to follow the band aroud several countries. This is an international plateform so English is the most apropriate langage to use, even if it's hard for some of you to talk properly, just try.
    This forum is made to share an ideal of a human and musical experience. Give the best of yourselves and respect each other. Please, feel free to introduce yourself before posting somewhere. If you need any help, you will find it with the moderation team of the forum. Thank you for your participation!

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